Will Cardano break through the $ 2 resistance today?

Cardano coin (ADA) can break above $ 2 for the first time in its history today.

At the time of publication of this review, the cryptocurrency was trading in the area of $ 1.88. During the week, its cost increased by 16%.

The capitalization of Cardano on Friday, May 14, came close to $ 60 billion. The coin is firmly in the top five largest digital currencies according to CoinMarketCap.

Observers note that the day before, against the background of the retreat of bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies, the ADA, on the contrary, showed an upward movement dynamics.

The "alt season" for Cardano is not over yet, and today the coin will be able to renew the maximum. As a reminder, at the peak of the first market run in January 2018, ADA reached $ 1,114. The altcoin bottomed out in mid-March 2020 (Black Thursday), when Cardano plummeted to $ 0.025. The rapid ascent began this year.

Altcoin interested not only the players of the spot market, but also institutional players. Open interest in Cardano futures exceeded $ 1 billion.

On some trading floors, the ADA jumped to $ 1.96 overnight, but the coin still lacks support to overcome the resistance.