Smart Antis PRE-ICO

Smart Antis is the next step in the development  of our Antis Capital products, which allows you to invest in startups related to new technologies and cryptocurrencies, while becoming a co-owner of this venture.

Thanks to the Antis platform, anyone can become  a co-owner of the newly created cryptocurrency exchange, the product will be sold in matrix  marketing.

The new startup is releasing 1,000,000,000 tokens, of which 400,000,000 (40%) are under the control of the startup, while 600,000,000 (60%) tokens will be distributed to project participants.
The person purchasing the product (matrix) gets the opportunity to earn from the system without the need to build a structure (invite other partners) , because 50% of the value of the matrix is a price of the token box (the token box includes a certain amount of tokens). Another 50% of the value is paid for the ability to earn from the matrix structure, from 3 to 12 lines in depth and matching bonus from 10% to 25%)

The starting price of the token is set at $0.10.
In the PRE-ICO phase, it is the only option to purchase a token at the lowest price.