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30 Dec 2020

Forecast: Bitcoin to peak in early 2021

In early 2021, the price of bitcoin will peak, predicts Mark Newton, president of Newton Advisors. On the air of the CNBC channel, this expert analyzed...
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25 Dec 2020
Merry Christmas !

Dear partners!

On the occasion of Christmas, we wish you all be healthy and stay safe!

Happy holiday,
Yours Philip Belov!

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18 Dec 2020
Bitcoin transaction fees doubled this week
Since the beginning of this week, fees on the bitcoin network for processing transactions have almost doubled. This is evidenced by the updated data of...
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15 Dec 2020
Tether capitalization approached $ 20 billion: How will bitcoin react?
Many analysts have previously stated repeatedly that the growth in capitalization of the stablecoin Tether (USDT) usually precedes the next run of Bitcoin. The...
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12 Dec 2020
Staking with Antis Capital
Dear partners!Today we have prepared a big surprise for you! Due to the future-oriented tokenization of the company and the forward-looking trend, which...
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10 Dec 2020
YouTube channel: Fan Page: Linkedin: Instagram...
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07 Dec 2020
China and Hong Kong announced a joint testing digital yuan
The People's Bank of China plans to test the digital yuan on cross-border payments. The regulator's partner is the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, which...
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02 Dec 2020
Forecast: Digital Euro will be launched in about five years
Experts from European central banks predict that the digital euro may only be launched in five years. Earlier this week, a group of banking analysts took...
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25 Nov 2020
Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract raised the required amount of ETH to launch the network
The Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract raised 524,288 ETH, which are required to kickstart the Beacon Chain launch. The Beacon Chain will form the basis for...
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