Visa can integrate cryptocurrencies into its payment system

Visa has been interested in the cryptocurrency industry for the past few years. Earlier it was reported that this payment operator even became a member of the Facebook crypto project (Libra).

At the end of last week, Visa CEO Alfred Kelly said that in the future, the company's payment network could integrate digital currencies.

Kelly called Bitcoin digital gold and noted its growing influence in the global economy.

The Visa CEO also highlighted: Our strategy is to work with wallets and exchanges so that users can buy cryptocurrencies using accounts on the Visa network.

In addition, holders of digital assets, if they also act as clients of the payment giant, will be able to convert cryptocurrencies into fiat money and withdraw them from ATMs using plastic cards.

Kelly recalled that currently about 35 of the largest crypto platforms and services cooperate with Visa. This list includes, BlockFi, Fold, and BitPanda, for example.

We are simply obliged to integrate digital currencies into our network in the near future, summed up the CEO of the company.