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19 Mar 2021

Bitcoin turns out to be the most profitable asset in the last ten years

Bitcoin has shown the best performance among high-yielding assets. For ten years, the value of the cryptocurrency has been adding at a record pace. The...
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18 Mar 2021
Bank of Japan begins preparing to develop digital Yen
A growing number of countries around the world are willing to issue a national digital currency (CBDC). The Japanese authorities have repeatedly stated...
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16 Mar 2021
The number of ATMs in the world has grown by more than 50% over the year
During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of terminals for operations with cryptocurrencies has significantly increased in the world. According to the...
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15 Mar 2021
PayPal confirms purchase of Israeli company Curv
Last week, the media reported on the intention of PayPal to acquire the developer of the service for storing the Curv cryptocurrency. The journalists...
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12 Mar 2021
Creator of $4.1 Billion Crypto Asset EOS Unveils New Altcoin Project
Blockchain developer Dan Larimer is announcing Clarion, a new crypto project that aims to provide a decentralized social networking experience. Larimer...
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10 Mar 2021
Traffic of crypto exchanges in February rose to a maximum since January 2018
February 2021 turned out to be a good month for cryptocurrency exchanges. The Block Research team found that marketplace website visits rose to a new high...
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04 Mar 2021
The new head of the SEC acknowledges the growing influence of cryptocurrencies
The influence of the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, and this trend can no longer be ignored. This point of view is shared by ex-chairman of...
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26 Feb 2021
Can Bitcoin hold above $ 46,000?

Bitcoin (BTC) rate on Friday, February 26, fell to its lowest level since February 11, 2021. The coin fell to $ 46,220, cryptocurrency capitalization...
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21 Feb 2021
Bitcoin Approaches $ 58,000: Should We Talk About Market Overheating?
The bitcoin rate (BTC) continues to periodically update highs this week. The coin not only broke above $ 50,000, but was able to add more than $ 7,000...
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17 Feb 2021
Breakthrough of the Week: Bitcoin Price Exceeds $ 50,000
On the eve of Bitcoin (BTC) for the first time broke above $ 50,000, but then fell to $ 48,000. Support increased on Wednesday night, February 17, after...
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