Investors expect bitcoin to take off in the coming month

On Monday, October 26, the largest digital currency is trading at around $ 13,100. Analysts agree that the positive trend will dominate throughout the fourth quarter of this year.

Over the next month, a more confident ascent is expected than the one we saw in October. This is the opinion of the majority of traders surveyed by the Real Vision team. According to Bitcoin optimists, by the end of November, the growth in the value of the cryptocurrency will be 5%.

Interest in BTC will strengthen amid weakening fiat currencies. Investors expect a further decline in bond yields, which will also lead to a surge in traders' interest in alternative instruments and in Bitcoin in particular. 80% of investors who took part in the survey not only adhere to the optimistic scenario, but have already invested in BTC.

Abra CEO Bill Barhidt recently stated that Bitcoin fundamentals are improving.

If the Federal Reserve launches a new stimulus program, the dollar will inevitably devalue. In this case, the inflow of investments into bitcoin can become massive.