Frequently asked questions

We strongly recommend that you start searching for the necessary information in the FAQ section. In case your question is not answered in this section, kindly get in touch with the Support Team.
Who can become an Antis Capital user/customer?
Anyone can become Antis Capital's client. irrespective of the place of residence or nationality, the only condition is the age of 18. To do this, complete the registration form. It is necessary to provide a username, password and e-mail address. After registering, you will be able to log into your personal account, top up your account balance and make a deposit. Also, don't forget to fill in the details for your personal profile.
How long work our packages?
Packages do not have an expiry date. Deactivation of the packages occurs when the user achieves a total reward of:
  • - 250% - with a Standard Capital package
  • - 280% - with a Mega Capital package
  • - 300% - with a VIP Capital package
How to make the deposit?
You can make the deposit of the account of the project after registration. After that it is possible to choose a package and to make the deposit. You can make the deposit from refill wallet and marketing wallet.
How can I invest, what payment methods are allowable?
Antis Capital accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
How long does it take to enroll the deposits?
All deposits are enrolled and become active instantly. Deposits from cryptocurrency can be enrolled within 48 hours.
How many deposits can I make in the project?
You can make unlimited number of deposits within any plan.
May I recover the forgotten password?
Yes, for password recovery, please, follow the ?password recovory? link. After you specify the info used while registration, the recovery link will be sent to you e-mail. Please, check the SPAM folder.
If I am not an Antis Capital user, can I apply for a property in Dubai at an attractive price?
Yes, you do not have to be a user of our platform to purchase your dream apartment.
How can I contact the Administration?
Ask a question via the contact form. Don't forget to read the FAQ section before submitting your application.
What is the minimum amount for purchasing a package?
The minimum amount is Ȃ50 = $50.
What is the minimum amount to be withdrawn?
The minimum amount is Ȃ50($50)
When I can check my account?
Information about your personal account is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Where can I find the answer to my question if I haven't found it in the FAQ?
Please, use the contact form in the section "Support" to contact our support team (our team will answer you within 72 hours)
Will the direct partner commission be charged automatically?
Yes, the commission from the direct partner is calculated automatically, regardless of whether he is in the weaker or stronger line.
Why my withdrawal request was canceled and money is on my account balance again?
It seems that some of your payment details are filled incorrectly. Check your payment details or contact support if necessary.
Can I make multiple deposits at the same time?
Yes, you can but we recommend that you only make a deposit after the previous one is credited.
Can i come to your Dubai office?
Each user reaching level 5 can visit office and get staying in a company apartment in Dubai. After getting 5 level you must submit your arrival details at least 7 days in advance. The plane ticket is not included. Any guest will be required to make a security deposit.
Can I make multiple withdrawals at the same time?
Yes, you can make several withdrawals at the same time.
How can I become an active Antis Capital user?
You must have at least one of the three available packages - Standard / Mega / VIP to be an active user.
When will we get our weekly income?
You can get the weekly income every Saturday.
Can I withdraw my funds at any time?
Profit from marketing and income wallet can be ordered for withdrawal at any time.
How much time does the execution of the withdrawal request take?
It may take up to 48 hours.
Where i can check your current exchange rate of BTC?
We use the exchange rate on
Can I transfer funds to other users?
Funds can be sent to other users only to the `Refill wallet`.
Do purchased packages combine?
No, they don’t.
Why, after registering a new user, I cannot see him in the structure?
To be visible in the structure, each user must have the Stanard / Mega / Vip package.
How many times can I get a career reward?
Each prize is awarded automatically once.
How can I regain access to my account if I have lost my Google authenticator?
You should immediately write to [email protected] describe the situation, provide the amount and date of the investment, who is your sponsor and write personal data if they were entered in the `Settings` tab.
Where can I find my referral link?
Your referral link is in the `Dashboard` tab in the green window, there you will find the referral link for the left and right lines.
Can I become a platform member by registering without a referral link?
Yes, you can become a user without having a sponsor.
Is filling in personal data in the `Settings` tab obligatory?
It is not obligatory, but it increases security, which is most important to us, so we recommend that you fill in these fields.
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