Be ready
to change
your life!
  • Consulting

    Antis Consulting provides full legal assistance, mainly in the field of real estate purchase, obtaining a residence in Dubai and opening your own business.

  • Property

    Thanks to Antis Property, our partners have a unique opportunity to purchase, at low prices, a dream apartment/villa in Dubai.

  • Investment

    We provide investment tools affordable to everyone. Key investment areas: cryptocurrencies, stocks and startups, real estate.

Why choose us?
We are the only company on the market that combines cryptocurrencies with real estate. Our departments deal with the preparation of key documents to make it possible for a client to purchase a property, as well as to obtain visa, resident status, and to open bank account. We are the ones setting TRENDS!
Why to choose us?
  • Security guarantee

    We use advanced security

  • Optimized risk

    Highly advanced and
    efficient strategies

  • Support

    Online support for users:

  • High income

    High income through the use of high
    level technology.

Our eco system
Trading bot
Highly innovative artificial intelligence
It is a unique mobile application, which allows to store Antis Coin and a social platform where every user has access to all the available products in one place
An exchange, where each user will be able to exchange FIAT currency for cryptocurrency and vice versa with low commission
Cryptocurrency that is the very foundation of the Antis Capital ecosystem characterized by a huge potential
Luxury real estate and ensuring comprehensive service for exceptionally low prices
Antis features
Live Trading
Thanks to our Antis Bot artificial intelligence, each of our users has a constant access to live trading preview, which ensures 100% transparency of our company
24/7 support
We provide each user with 24/7 support and try to help as quickly as it is humanly possible via various platforms ? E-mail, Facebook, Telegram, WeChat etc.
Product symbiosis
Each of our products is part of an entire ecosystem which generates maximum profit for our users. The use of the products causes the value of Antis Coin to increase
Antis Property
Thanks to our real estate department, our every user is treated in a highly individual manner and has the opportunity of obtaining necessary pieces of information regarding the property that may be of interest to him or her by phone
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12 May 2021
Antis office in Turkey
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